Mission Statement

The Temple of Yes is committed to the creation, sharing, and nurturing of an inclusive, multicultural experience of worship, ritual, and transformational magic. The Temple is not a physical structure per say, but a container, a sacred vessel for intentional alchemy, manifestation and healing of the purest vibration. Utilizing an eclectic and evolving methodology, our organization seeks to dissolve traditional religious barriers by merging potent practices and ritual from all spiritual paths that resonate with the participating members. Timeless forms of worship such and music, song and chanting, group prayer, hands-on healing, ritual, dance, sacrament, community service, mediation and self-exploration will be blended intentionally and artfully to best facilitate the individual and group mystical experience and personal/global transformation. The Temple’s congregation will continually act to strengthen; financially, spiritually and emotionally the community members as individuals and as a community entity: Thus fostering a healthy and vibrant organization, continually evolving to meet the needs of its people in real-life situations.

Organizational Structure

The Temple of Yes is currently a legal, tax-exempt congregation of The Universal Life Church, who’s International Headquarters are located in Modesto, California. ULC’s basic tenet is that all people have a right to worship and believe in the way that is right for them, so long as it does not hurt others. There's is a very open doctrine of acceptance and self-empowerment. What affiliation with this established Denomination provides the Temple of Yes is the umbrella of a legally recognized religious entity, capable of ordaining ministers for the traditional sacremental responsibilities of congregational gatherings, marriages, funerals, rites of passage, charitable projects or whatever else are the needs of it’s members. The Temple will also have the ability to accept tax-deductible donations for the purposes of supporting the groups mission statement, channelling funding to community or global projects, create an actual gathering space, or whatever the Board of Directors deems as the most appropriate use of funding to nurture the organization’s wellbeing.

The Wisdom Council and Board of Directors
A Board of Directors is a necessary component of any legal religious organization. However, for the purposes of creating a culture that honors a more tribal distribution of power, we wish to re-language much of the traditional church terminology. A Tribal Council implies and commands an ethic of wisdom and careful consideration in decisions that benefit the greater good of the tribe. The Council will be initially appointed by the Founders of the Temple, but will establish a yearly election process based on considering both the desire of the congregation member’s, and the most powerful synergy possible in the Council. The Tribal Council makes collective decisions for the spiritual priorities and directions of the church, the content and methodologies of the meetings, financial decisions, projects and the overall structuring and evolution of the organization. The Council is also responsible for appointing a Secretary and Treasurer and seeing that the responsibilities of all Officials are carried out in a mindful and ethical way.

The Secretary:
Lizbeth Rymland

The Treasurer:
Marian "Sun" McNamee

The Pastor(s):
Hallelujah and Angela Blessing

Other Wisdom Council Members:
Chief Sonne Reyna
Alan Lundell
Jessica Britt

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